As a farrier myself, the website has been a tool I previously overlooked - I sometimes get at least 1 client a month because of my website! And it cost less that Netflix!!

SO I have created 2 options


Limited Design Changes
£ 179 +£13 Monthly Hosting
  • Insert your own images/text
  • Own Branding - Logos
  • SEO Package- based on your location
  • Google site indexing and profile creation
  • Free basic alterations - i.e. price increases
  • Price Comparison - opt in required
  • Custom Email e.g. yourname@yourdomain.co.uk**
  • Optional Extras
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Free Basic Domain


Full Design Creativity
£ 749+ +£13 Monthly Hosting
  • As Silver Package
  • Extra pages such as blog/case studies
  • Access to better features - slider galleries
  • Higher performing on Google
  • Stand Apart from the competition
  • Embed videos and extra content
  • Custom Forms
  • Discounted/Free Optional Extras
  • GDPR Compliant

So why do you need a website?

Lets do the maths...

Add in your price of shoes and a regular shoeing cycle, and work out the potential of gaining one set of shoes.

Google and Find a Farrier do not care about your qualifications, mirror finish job or how good your welding is!

Google cares about the data it is given, if it isn't given any, it isn't going to show any thing.

Let’s take this example from Find a Farrier – I searched CB8 -Newmarket, the most heavily populated area for farriers – those markers only show 8 farriers to click on, it only “shows” 1 farrier and you have no control over that. (You can list them, however, it is another step)

If you put the words “Newmarket” in the search, all the farriers who live just outside do not show up.

There is 66 Farriers within a 15 Mile Radius of Newmarket

Let's look at Google - I have used Newmarket

Google Maps "Farrier near Newmarket"

listings out of 66 potential, now read this!

  • The 1st is me – I used to work there, haven’t done for a year but I had a website saying I did!
  • 2nd is a farrier
  • 3rd is a Shop
  • 4th  is semi-retired
  • 5th is a farrier – with a website
  • 6th is retired

So potentially there are 2 listing that are going to be of any use – if you are on there – you could have a 50% chance of being the person called. 

(My listing doesn’t get any calls because I removed my contact details!)

Google Search "Farrier near Newmarket"

Again 6 listings out of 66 potential

  • The 1st  is Alex – he has a great website, and he creates YouTube content (Google owns YT) – although he is working exclusively for one company. 
  • 2nd is the shop
  • 3rd is Joe – I built him a website when he was in Newmarket – he moved and is now in the north of the country, but referred to as “the Newmarket farrier” so now performs better than the farriers in the area on Google! 
  • 4th is O’Shaugnessey  Farriers
  • 5th is Gavin Moody Farriers
  • 6th is James, but that is not his website, it is info from a tourism site. 
So out of the first page there is 6 listings, the bottom 3 are only going to be able to take on new clients in the area – and the bottom 3 aren’t on Google Maps – get your ducks in a row!

After that, they become obscure links, much further down there is other farrier websites, but the customer has lost interest by this point. If you aren’t at the top they aren’t going to call you

Will you try it near you?

Not limited to – if you have seen something else, just ask

Price Comparison

If you opt-in, I will put your prices into a database, and compare them to other farriers. I will also analyse when they put the prices up and present figures based on the percentage increases across the board. 

Customisable EMbedded Google Map

Show your clients your area exactly!

Custom QR Codes

Link to website, reviews or any other info

Before and After lIke a Boss

Show potential clients the quality of your work

Packaging Box

Online Store

Looking to stock products, and accept payments?

Silver Package example

Gold Package example

My website pays for itself, and more, every year!
I have had a website built by Sam about 4 years. We have completed a full bespoke build to provide more value to potential and existing clients. (The one above)
Stephen Britten
Britten Farriery Ltd
I have had a website since I qualified, it has given me the ability to be first on Google rankings,
The maths is simple, if I get one new trim a year and do it every 3 months, it covers the hosting and management.
Sam Fowler (ME)
Norfolk Farriers Ltd

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